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Mission & Ryo System

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default Mission & Ryo System

Post by Daichi on Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:36 pm

Mission Ranks and Reward System

Important Note: Kage are not the only ones capable of giving out missions. Jounin can hand out missions up to A-Rank [S under village stress or breach of protection] given the circumstances. Tokujo can hand out missions up to B-Rank. Remember, even if the mission was not assigned by the Kage or Village Leader, he/she must still give permission (through PM, Skype, Email, etc. Whatever way the person can be contacted).

Mission Rules/Regulations

All NPC missions (E-C rank) give only half of the reward for completion (By yourself). You may round up.

*Post count may be split between participants equally, if it requires 8, 4 each must be made. If it requires 16, 8 each much be made. If its an uneven number, round up.

*E-C - Can be NPC missions or PC missions. But, for strictly NPC missions, they require a post count.

*C-B - Can be NPC missions but should generally include at least Two PCs. Post count is required.

*A - Can not be a NPC mission, there is no danger or hint of anything other than a longer post count. Thus, only interacting PC missions can be A-Rank. (Inside the village is frowned upon, interaction outside the village with other nations, ninja and unique NPCs/rogues is encouraged).

*S - Must be large dangerous missions, can not be NPC and must involved PCs of equal rank or higher. Must be approved by staff. Genin who take these missions will have the suspension of Unique NPC unable to kill removed. Staff approval is required.

*SS - Plot and other staff generated missions or approval missions. There will be a large chance of death/maiming and people who are foolish enough to attempt these at low levels (Genin/Chuunin) will have any conditions of killing removed. People should be smart enough to know this, thus in these topics/missions there will be a suspension upon NPCs unable to kill. Only Staff and Unique NPC participants are allowed to create these missions.

NOTE: For S/SS ranked missions, we mean Unique NPCs created by staff(us) and/or played by jounins depending on approval. Death may/can happen in all these missions, but in missions of these rankings it is much more likely, so we want to be clear on that about genins and chuunins who think they have immunity.


Mission Post Count Requirements

Post-Count Requirements for PC Missions:
D-Rank: 6 (150 words per-post)
C-Rank: 8 (150 words per-post)
B-Rank: 12 (300 words per-post)
A-Rank: 16 (300 words per-post)
S-Rank: 20 (300 words per-post)

Post-Count Requirements for NPC Missions:
D-Rank: 600 Words
C-Rank: 800 Words
B-Rank: 1,000 Words
A-Rank: 1,500 Words
S-Rank: 2,500 Words

Mission Completion Awards
Missions that are successfully completed are a good thing. Not only does it take you one step further into the ninja experience, you also get a ryo award. Ryo awards will be based upon the mission rank.
D-Rank: 1,500-3,000 Ryo
C-Rank: 4,000-6,000 Ryo
B-Rank: 7,000-9,000 Ryo
A-Rank: 10,000-13,000 Ryo
S-Rank: 15,000-30,000 Ryo

Mission Stacking: The act of completing missions the same time as other missions

PC-Missions (player-character missions) may be stacked up to a maximum of 5.  
NPC-Missions (non-player-character missions) may be stacked up to 7.  

-For PC-Missions, S and SS ranked Missions are non stackable.
-All A-rank missions may only be stacked with C and D-rank missions.
-All B-rank missions may be stacked with only B, C, and D-rank missions.  
-All C and D-ranks may be stacked at will, in accordance to previously stated rules.


Post Count vs Word Count:

- NPC-Missions must follow the post count for each mission done. That means, if you take 3 C-ranks, you must do the Post-Count for each mission as if you were doing them individually.

- PC-Missions can meet half of the Word-Count or Post-Count for each mission taken.
(To find the Word-Count, take the minimum amount of words you have to type per-post, then multiply that by the minimum number of posts you have to make.  This is just another way to do PC-Missions with more fluency)

- Word-Counts/Post-Counts may be dropped in the event that the mission is a plot-related mission, is integral to the safety of the village, or is part of a time-sensitive event.  Dropping may only occur for PC-Missions.


Weekly Pay

Weekly pay is given to higher-rank Shinobi. As your rank increases, so does your responsibility. So, if you fulfill your responsibilities, you get paid for it. If you aren't fulfilling them, you won't get paid for it. Weekly pay updates have to be approved in the Character Data Page thread or you do not receive them. Shinobi that fall under the weekly pay system are paid every Friday. When posting the pay update in your Character Data page, please give the date of that Friday that you wish to be paid on so that we can check and make sure that you deserve pay. If you do not follow that and do not include a date, you will not get paid.

Conditions: You have to Actively be leading your village.  This does not mean you have to be cooped up in an office always giving missions. But, you shouldn't go inactive either and only show up for pay day. You should drop by the academy or stop to talk to your villagers. Be social and show that you deserve your kage spot.

ANBU Leader
Conditions: The ANBU Leader serves as the substitute Kage if the Kage ever goes on absence. As an ANBU Leader, You are able to create missions up to S-rank. This is only a title position, its not a rank. This does not mean you have to be cooped up in secret lair or location, always giving missions. But, you shouldn't go inactive either and only show up for pay day. Make sure you do your job and lead the ANBU Corps with stealth and strength, and don't go missing for too long or there might be an uprising...

Conditions: Either you have students and actively lead them, or you are a beneficial part of your village. Either way, you will not be given a salary if you are not actively serving or helping out.

Conditions: Same as jounin, although you will not be held to as much responsibility. Just be an active member of society and do your part in the village.


Village Pay

Villages gain a annual income based upon population and amount of missions completed! [Friday - Thursday, then, on the proceeding Friday, you are paid for that week.]

Reward per missions completed in a week!
Quarter of a Million Ryo - Lazy (1-2 Missions Completed*)

Half a Million Ryo - Below Average (3-5 Missions Completed*)

1 Million Ryo - Average (6-8 Missions Completed*)

2 Million Ryo - Above Average (9-12 Missions Completed*)

3 Million Ryo - Outstanding (13+ Missions Completed*)

Normal Income per Country by Week
Konoha - 10 million Ryo
Suna - 7 million Ryo
Kiri - 6 million Ryo
Iwa - 8 million Ryo
Kumo - 9 million Ryo
Kusa - 2 million Ryo
Otogakure - 4 million Ryo
Amegakure - 3 million Ryo

Every Sunday, the Kage may claim the cash owed to them on there village app page. A admin will then add in the cash the village has been rewarded this week.


Starting Pay

Everybody has to start with something, right? The following is the amount of ryo your character starts off with when you create your Character Data page. This is very important so make sure you copy these down correctly.

Kage: 120,000

Sannin: 100,000

Jounin/Anbu: 70,000

Tokujo: 50,000

Chunin: 30,000

Genin: 10,000


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