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Post by Raijin on Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:46 pm

Name of the Clan: Doji
Bloodline Name: Dai Maō No Mezame [大魔王の目覚め ~ Great Demon Awakening]

Clan element(s): N/A

Description: The Doji are a rather infamous clan that hails from the Land Of Demons. Originally a wandering clan of nomads, the Doji have a reputation of being brutal, ravenous, violent yet stalwart, archaic, and bluntly honest warriors. Though often revered as "Oni", the classical demon, they are still shown respect by the more idealistic, wise, and battle-savvy of people. The clan goes by a simple hierarchy. They go as follows:

Daimyo - The Daimyo is the head of the clan.He/She is the most powerful of the members and have proven their worth to lead.The Daimyo's word is law and must be followed,thus,the Daimyo has complete control over all the clan.The new Daimyo is chosen via a inheritance to the throne of the first child of the Daimyo is the Daimyo is killed by natural causes or in-action.If the Daimyo has no family,the Hatamoto becomes Daimyo.A family in the clan can challenge the Daimyo for the spot and if the family member defeats him/her,they are the new Daimyo and their family recieves the inheritance.

Hatamoto - The Hatamoto is the Daimyo's right hand (wo)man,and is usually by the Daimyo at all times during official business.He/she is very loyal to the Daimyo and clan itself.Usually,the Hatamoto has a very desirable characteristic,such as vast intelligence,strength,and the such.There can only be one Hatamoto at a time.Controls everything under him/her rank.

Taisho - Taisho are the elites in the Doji,usually in battle.They have long served the clan and are experts in combat and have vowed to give up their life for the good of the clan.Essentially,they are generals and often lead large scale battles or battle teams.There can be a max of 4.They control Busho,Samurai,and Yari.

Busho - Busho are the captains in the Doji,often being second in command of the Taisho.They have vowed to serve the clan and protect with their lives.They often plan attacks and battles rather than fight in them.There can be a max of 6.They control Samurai and Yari.

Samurai - Samurai are the basic soldiers in the clan,being more so the cannon fodder and majority of beings in battles.They often are the ones who openly protect the clan(patroling and such) as well as hunt and provide for.There can be any number of them.

Yari - Yari the 'privates' so to speak,being new to the clan and still learning warfare.They are the lowest and starting rank in the army,thus,are often pushed around by higher-ups.They often accompany samurai in squads.There can be any number of these.

Chugen - Chugen are either a brand new clan member or a clan member who does not fight and lives a life of gathering food,breeding,or just simply caring for their family.These are for those who the 'average joe'.

[NOTE: These ranks are specially for the act of roleplay, thus, do not effect a character in anyway unless the Daimyo, due to being the leader of the clan, calls for it (Help defeat someone, conquer something, etc)]

Special characteristics/traits: All Doji have round nubs on the top of their forheads, while they usually have long and wild hair, as-well as claws and fangs. Their skin also tends to be tinted any color, the most common are red and blue. They are also usually tall, the common heights ranging from 6-9 feet.

History: The Doji....have been around longer than the tale of Rikudo Sennin. While their exact history has always been kept in the dark, either lost or too vague, there is one tale. Long before the time of the villages, long before Hashirama and Madara, long before Rikudo Sennin, there was a empire. This empire stood tall and proud on the soil of the land, having been extending from the Land Of Lighting to the Wind Country. There stood only the great Emperor, a man who had defeated the great Nue that had haunted him, the Kitsune who had tried to assiassinate him, and the vengeful spirit of the former emperor in the form of a Daitengu. Indeed, this was a powerful man, righteous in every possible way, the ideal ruler. However, a new obstacle stood before him and his might. A foul creature, one that had been waiting for the right time to strike.

Shuten Doji, King Of The Oni.

He, his lover Ibaraki Doji, and their bretheren, stormed the capital city, home of the Emperor. They rampaged across districts, stealing wine and young, beautiful maidens. The Samurai aroused to defeat these new foes. Though immensely out-numbered, the demons easily defeated the warriors and took their heads and swords as a reward. It was not long until the Emperor came out, sword in hand, and challenged the foul creatures. However, they were finally gone, having left minutes prior. At their home, the drunk the wine and devoured half the maidens they have captured. They enslaved the other half, the poor, human girls becoming nothing more than breakable toys to the beasts. They continued this method of raiding for sometime, stealing more and more wine, along with maidens, and sometimes even young and prosperous men.

It wasn't long until the Emperor, enraged by these foul demons, rounded up a group of his best generals, and laid seige to their hide-away. There, they fought the evil demons, Shuten Doji fighting a young, yet, skilled man named Minamoto no Yorimitsu. For hours, blades clashed, until finally Yorimitsu, in one swift slash, beheaded the Oni King. The other Oni, having lost motivation, fled from the scene. Once alone, the warriors and the Emperor freed the people enslaved by the beasts. Beatened, raped, and defeated, they cried tears of happiness as they saw their lord come and save them. While one of the last evils of the land was wipped off, it didn't end just yet. Some of the maidens were pregnant with the seed of the demons.

Those who were merely committed suicide, not wanting to bare a child of evil. All but one shared this fate. Her name was Bozaika Inulu Wanshi, a hand-maid for the Emperor. In secret, she bore Shuten Doji's child, and raised him in secret, thus, beginning the Doji clan.

Bloodline description: As said in myth and legend, the Doji are descended from Oni. As such, they have their genes, DNA, and such. While normally unable to use these, or even access them, when chakra came about, they immediately were able to access it, transforming into Oni. However, this was not perfect, as it lasted depending on how much chakra they have, or how long they want to be a Oni. For reference, we'll call this their Oni Form. Once activated, their appearance is the first to change. They generally grow 2-3 feet in height, gain much more bigger muscles, horns that can be used for ramming, long and wild hair, and fangs. Occasionally, they may get a third eye or extra finger, depending on the individual. Once in this form, they gain a massive power and defence boost, able to smash boulders with a mere punch while able to withstand numerous injuries. However, how long they can stay in the form depends on their rank. In their app, the user must state how their form looks and must also provide a picture for it aswell. Here are some examples as to how it would look.
Bloodline weaknesses: As stated before, the transformation runs on chakra and how long one can last in the transformation depends on their actual rank. It takes 1 entire post to do the transformation and, even at that, requires 30 chakra to do. It then requires 20 chakra to maintain it. However, how long one can have still hasn't been said yet, has it? A Genin can only sustain this state for 2 Posts, Chunin for 4, Spec.Jonin for 5, Jonin for 9, Sannin and Kage can maintain it for as long as they want so long as they have the chakra. Also, when coming out the transformation, anyone below Jonin rank will enter the Exhausted State for 3 posts, regardless of CP. Once those 3 posts are up, the state will vanish and will be no longer exhausted (their CP will not be effected).

Secret Clan Jutsu(s):

Name: Erratic Demon Breath [Fuanteina Akuma No Iki ~ 不安定な悪魔の息]
Rank: B
Element(s): None
Range: 20 Meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub Type: Offensive
Hand seals: None [One Post Preperation]
Costs: 50
Duration: One
Description: The Erratic Demon Breath is one of the more destructive of the Doji. While simple, the technique itself is quite dangerous. The user will form a small ball of chakra in-front of them before swallowing it. Then, while in the user's throat, they compress and add more and more chakra, making it into a dense ball of it. Once having finished it, the user will spit it out, the ball flying at speeds of 5 meters a second. Fast and small [Five x Five inches], it is hard to keep track of. Once it hits something, the chakra detonated, resulting in a large 10 x 10 foot explosion. The damage, if it hits the opponent, is major 1st degree burns on the entire body, as well as the bones of the area that was hit being broken. While fast and powerful, it still has it weaknesses. Due to being so compressed, it can be easily detonated. If hit by something in the air, say, a kunai, it will explode, thus, end the attack. Opposing jutsu can detonate it as-well, but it must have force behind it and a actually physical body, such as Doton[Earth]. Also, it is not recommended to be used more then 15 meters away from the opponent. Any closer and the user will be caught in the explosion.

Name: Unholy Twin Kishin Cloak [Fujōna Tuin Kishin Manto ~ 不浄なツイン紀信マント]
Rank: C/A
Element(s): None
Range: Self
Type: Taijutsu
Sub Type: Supplementry,Defensive
Hand seals: None
Costs: C-35, 5 to maintain. A-75, 15 to maintain.
Duration: 6 Posts
Description: This jutsu is actually based off the Twin Lion Fist of Hyuga. Like the Hyuga, it forms a cloak of a creature, in this case, two fiersome Asura heads around the hands. These allow the user strike and defend against jutsu with their hands without harming them.with their hands. However, unlike the Hyuga, there are two versions. Let's begin with the C-Rank version. The C-rank seems less defined in the appearance of the creatures, and the cloak is very transparent. Having this on allows the user to punch through C-Rank and bellow jutsu with their fists, the cloak protecting them and allowing them to actually strike a jutsu. Now then, the A-Rank version is much, much more dangerous. The appearance of the Asura is almost realistic, as they seem to growl at you. One's striking power increases so that they can punch through A-Rank jutsu and lower. The heads also gain the ability to bite, as in, biting onto the opponent. Their teeth pierce up to a inch of flesh and only those with sufficent strength can escape their grasp.

Number of members allowed:
Daimyo: 0/1
Hatamoto: 0/1
Taisho: 0/4
Busho: 0/6
Samurai: 0/10
Yari: Any Number
Chugen: Any Number

Creators notes: Open [Must seek my permission for a specific rank in the clan]

Name of the Clan: Hoshigaki
Bloodline Name: Samebito (鮫人 ~ Shark Man)

Clan element(s): Suiton[Water]

Description: The Hoshigaki are possibly amongst one of the most famous clans of Kirigakure No Sato. Though they have a slightly bad reputation due to their more infamous member, Kisame Hoshigaki, they are still one of the most oldest and well-known clan throughout the Village Hidden In The Mist, often noted for their brutality, strength, and large chakra reserves.
Special characteristics/traits: The characteristic the Hoshigaki are possibly BEST known for is their fish-like appearance. The majority of the clan tend to have blue-greenish skin, while normal skin color being the minority. They tend to have partial gills, which allow them to remain under-water for much greater amounts of time than the average human can. Their teeth are naturally sharp, allowing up to 3/4s of piercing with bites. Now, onto their more less human feature, clan members tend to have one or more fish-like qualities. For instance, some may tend to have webbed hands or feet, while others have light scales, while some may even have small fins and tails (Not prehensive). They also tend to have larger than normal chakra pools.

History: The Hoshigaki clan is not only a old clan, but one of the orignal clans of Kirigakure No Sato. For you see, the numerous islands and swampy land that Kirigakure was built on was their orignal home. The Hoshigaki, originally, were scattered into much smaller family groups. Each one tried to either ally or conqueror one another, in attempts to gain out-right control of the land. It wasn't until the first Mizukage established Kirigakure that they stopped. Insteaded, seeing these newcomers as a greater enemy, they all joined together under the banner of the Hoshigaki clan, and attacked the newly fonded village. Outnumbered, they were quickly defeated, but the Mizukage quickly noticed their impressive chakra pools, brute-strength, and unrivaled bravery. As such, instead of comitting genocide, he offered them to join Kirigakure as their warriors. Not wanting anymore loses, the newly formed Hoshigaki agreed.

Bloodline description: The Hoshigaki are well-known for their brute strength, chakra pools, and fish-like appearances. As such, all Hoshigaki begin with 3 extra-skill points upon creation. They can remain underwater twice as long as a normal human and, to top it all off, a jutsu cause 5 less chakra to preform, while Suiton, due to being so affilated, takes 10 less chakra to use.

Bloodline weaknesses: The Hoshigaki, where they have in strength, the also have in weakness. Due to being normally physical strong, their Taijutsu skill must be their most prominent skill (IE: Have the most stats). Also, due to being so affiliated with Suiton, all Hoshigaki are unable to learn Raiton (Lightning) and will take extra damage from a Raiton based jutsu. Also, since their bodies are much more adapted for moist and cool enviroments, when in hot enviroments (IE: Sunagakure, a volcano, etc), their skin becomes agitated and becomes very itchy, making it very difficult to concentrate at the task at hand. Finally, as they are so based on physical strength, all genjutsu have a greater effect on them.

Secret Clan Jutsu(s):

Name: Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique (水遁・水鮫弾の術 ~ Suiton: Suikōdan no Jutsu)
Rank: B
Element(s): Suiton
Range: Up to 10 meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub Type: Offensive
Hand seals: Tiger → Ox → Dragon → Hare → Dog → Bird → Rat → Clone seal → Dragon → Ram
Costs: 50 to do
Duration: 1 Posts
Description: The user, after doing all the hand seals, shapes water into the form of a large shark and thrusts their hand forward, sending it hurtling towards the opponent at high-speeds, resulting in a powerful impact that is capable of breaking bones over a wide area.The user can also ride inside the water shark to dramatically increase their swimming speed. The shark, however, can be dispelled by a Raiton jutsu of equal or higher rank. Doton, being earth, will either absorb the shark (if soil) and become mud or straight out block it (if stone). The rank of the Doton can C-Rank and up, since Doton > Suiton.

Name: Water Release: Five Feeding Sharks (水遁・五食鮫 ~ Suiton: Goshokuzame)
Rank: B
Element(s): Suiton
Range: Up to 100 meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub Type: Offensive
Hand seals: Put both hand palms together then slam one hand on the water's surfac
Costs: 50, 15 per post
Duration: 3 Posts
Description: The user puts their hand on the surface of a body of water and from the tips of five fingers, chakra is released into the water, changing it into the form of five ferocious sharks. The sharks, one the first post, circle the target with great speed. On the second post, they create a raging stream that takes away their prey's freedom of movement. By the third, they will be begin sinking their sharp teeth into the enemy with each consecutive attack, tearing away their flesh. The jutsu, however, can only be done on a large quantity of water and, is one used a Raiton technique of equal or higher rank during the 1st or 2nd posts, the sharks will dispell.

Name: Water Release: Great Shark Bullet Technique (水遁・大鮫弾の術 ~ Suiton: Daikōdan no Jutsu)
Rank: S
Element(s): Suiton
Range: 100 Meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub Type: Offensive
Hand seals: Clap → Snake → Technique Specific Seal
Costs: 100 to activate
Duration: 1
Description: The user creates a gigantic shark out of water and, by thrusting both hands forward, sends it to attack the opponent. The beast, due to immense size, can easily cancel out other jutsu and, if it hits the opponent, will practically shatter most of the bones in the opponents body. However, a defensive jutsu of equal rank (Or A-Rank if Doton), can successfully defend against this and leave the target unharmed. A Raiton jutsu, if big enough in size and rank, is also able to dispell it.

Number of members allowed: Any
Creators notes: Open

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