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Invasion and Infiltration System

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default Invasion and Infiltration System

Post by Hakai on Tue Sep 30, 2014 12:09 am

Invasion & Infiltration System

Here on Wake, there are a few rules pertaining to invasion that one must know about. Since we do understand that plenty of Shinobi shall attempt to upset the Shinobi world with your shenanigans, a system has been devised to allow you to do so.

Major Villages

Invasions pertaining to Konoha, Suna, Kiri, Kumo, and Iwa shall be much harder than it would be for minor nations. Being very active in shinobi world politics and problems, having a very strong military force, and occupying very large pieces of land; one can tell that conquering these major nations shall require more effort than one may have anticipated. Now before one can even consider invading, they must insure that the target village as an Anbu, an Anbu Captain, and two other active Shinobi.

Now how this shall work is rather simple, first and foremost, you must title your thread as an infiltration thread. The inability to do so shall result in the thread not being treated as an infiltration thread, and probably even voided. Next, those who reside within the target village have 48 hours to intercept you and your party, if you brought one, before the village gates are officially destroyed and anyone may enter. If you are intercepted, the residents will have 15 post to stop you before the gates are destroyed and anyone is allowed to enter. If you have managed to get pass the first stage, than you may proceed to exit the infiltration thread and make a new one that must have the invasion tag in the title.


At the moment there’s not a system in place when it comes to conquering a minor nation, thusly so no one may invade any village that’s hosted in a minor nation.

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