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Title System

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default Title System

Post by Hakai on Tue Sep 30, 2014 12:10 am

Title System

Titles are another way for one to become stronger besides just ranking, whilst also gaining some recognition throughout the Shinobi world. A title is normally an achievement that you have completed by fulfilling the requirements that have been set for each individual title, granting you a title that is recognized either within your own village or the Shinobi world as a whole depending upon the title. Though the requirements may seem daunting, the reward given is well worth the effort. To help distinguish a title that is recognized within one’s village against one recognized throughout the world, they have been split into ‘international’ and  ‘local’. Both of which are exactly what they sound, a local title being one recognized within one’s village whilst an international one is recognized throughout the world. For each title you gain you get 5 Skill points and 100,000 ryo.

Local -

Head Medic - The title given to the individual who has been recognized for their medical expertise, exceeding everyone else within their respective village. Such individuals are masters when it comes down to anything that can be considered medical, knowing anything and everything about the subject. Only one individual from each village may hold this title

  • Be a master in medical ninjutsu.
  • Mastered 2 S-Rank techniques, as well as have utilized said techniques at least once.
  • Utilize a medical jutsu 10+ times, successfully healing the victim if the technique pertains to them

Clan Head - A title given to those who have established mastery of all things that pertain to their clan, having the ability to use their clan techniques to their fullest potential. These individuals have also established themselves as the head of their respective clan. Only one member of each clan may hold this title.

  • Master your clan’s Doujutsu. (Doujutsu Path)
  • Learn 5+ S-rank clan techniques.
  • Utilize your clan techniques 10+ times in a thread, 2 of which must have occurred during battle.

Legendary Leader - A title that may only be earned by a Kage who are outstanding at what they do. Equipped with the ability to keep their village stable both economically as well as militarily throughout the years, as well as the love and respect from their residences. Fearsome on the battlefield and prepared to protect the village that the love dearly at a moments notice, this Kage has truly deserved the title of Legendary Leader.

  • Be a Kage.
  • Complete an event that can be considered praiseworthy, such as defending their village from invaders or taking down a rampaging Jinchuuriki.
  • Remain active for an entire month, actively posting everyday during said month. This can either be socializing with the locals or making missions, it doesn’t matter so long as you are active.

Village Hero - A title given to the individual who has managed to save their respective village from harm, rather this be stopping an invasion or preventing their Kage from making an irrational decision. Either way, this individual has been recognized as a hero amongst the locals.

  • Perform a praiseworthy action such as saving the village from an invasion or preventing a war.
  • Have somebody call you a hero, this person must be a PC.

Genius - A title given to that individual who has far and beyond what one could possibly imagine when it comes to creating their own techniques.  With an arsenal filled with a variety of self-made techniques, one can see how this individual could be seen as a genius as well as scary.

  • Create 15 different techniques, 5 of which must be S whilst the last 10 must be A. All of which must be apart of your arsenal to count.
  • Utilize these techniques in combat 5+ times.

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