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Summoning System

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default Summoning System

Post by Daichi on Tue Sep 30, 2014 5:17 pm

Summon Systems

The rank of a Kuchiyose summon is determined by a couple of things:

-It's size, It is quite obvious that a larger creature will take more chakra to summon. And then, it's quite obvious a smaller summon contract costs a lot less chakra to handle. Remember to consider it's size when creating your summon.

-It's abilities. Even though we're not allowing D-ranked Gamabuntas (you know, the large frog?) around, the summon's abilities are quite important, way more important than it's size. For an example; if you summoned a 50 meter brick that can't do much, compared to a summon that can supposedly reincarnate dead individuals constantly, who do you think would win? Yeah, you see it now, right Guest?

Please, do use your common sense when ranking a summon, and also, use your imagination and express your summons freely. Not everybody needs to bring in gigantic summons to aid in battle, some can be small and quite useful!

Summons that come with abnormal abilities will require you to take them into consideration. At times, these abilities are in par with the summon, a bat using echolocation and can fly. But a mole that digs lava tunnels and is fine swimming in lava, most likely won't have any jutsu to use, because of such an ability. Same with summons that are heavily armored and defensive in that sort of matter.

Weapons/Armor on summons needs to be purchased, regardless of what canon has shown. Summons don't come with weapons and weapon abilities, they need to be purchased. Think of it this way... when Naruto first summoned his frog, did he magically have armor appear? Besides the fact he was technically a summon that Jiraiya had mainly used, and transferred to him.

Summoning contracts obtain up to two elements, they are not advance elements, nor are they dual bloodline style elements (Like a summon that's a thunderlizard, for earth and lightning). Based upon their ranks, only certain ranked summons will be able to earn a element.

*Do not mistake summons for pets! Pets are with you 24/7 and do not require a contract for you to summon them. Unlike summons, they are different and are not always used for battling purposes, however it's possible, for example Kiba Inuzuka's Akamaru is a pet that is used for combat purpose. Pets are different from summons, even though they have their similarities.

Summon Prices:

Summons themselves will not come out free, they will be paid for with your own ryo.

E-Rank: 50 Ryo
D-Rank: 300 Ryo
C-Rank: 700 Ryo
B-Rank: 1,100 Ryo
A-Rank: 1,500 Ryo
S-Rank: 2,200 Ryo

Summoning Elements:

E-Rank - No Element
D-Rank - 1 Element
C-Rank - 1 Element
B-Rank - 1 Element, Train 2nd Element
A-Rank - 2 Elements or the option above.
S-Rank - 2 Elements


Summon Skill Points:

Every summon, based on their ranks, have a set amount of skill points.

D-Rank = 5 Points
C-Rank = 10 Points
B-Rank = 15 Points
A-Rank = 20 Points
S-Rank = 35 Points


Summon Chakra Capacity:

Summonings do not have an unlimited source of chakra, they too, like shinobi, have their limits.

D-Rank = 150
C-Rank = 200
B-Rank = 300
A-Rank = 400
S-Rank = 525


Summon Duration Period:

Summonings also do not last forever on the battlefield. The higher the rank of the summon, the shorter amount of time they last due to the amount of chakra being used up. The lower the rank, the less chakra they take up, thus they last longer.

D-Rank = 18 Posts
C-Rank = 15 Posts
B-Rank = 12 Posts
A-Rank = 10 Posts
S-Rank = 8 Posts


So, now that we're aware of their Duration, Prices, Chakra Capacity, and Skill Points, we can move on. Let's check on their separate jutsu system. You should already be informed that a summoned creature may use collaboration jutsus alongside it's summoner. However, do not forget that summons can also cast jutsus that do not require the assistance of their summoner. These jutsus will usually be quite strong and have a relatively high rank, but hey- that gives you the chance to unleash your creativity. When you create the jutsu for your summon, distinguish the difference between the ones that will be an individual technique, and a team technique between you and your summon.

Every summon can start with a definite amount of techniques, which can either be canon, or custom. For custom techniques, be sure to register them and then arrange everything accordingly to the approval of their jutsu. The amount set for summons jutsu limits will start with more, and decrease as the rank of the summon rises. This is due to the fact higher ranked summons will know powerful jutsus, compared to a lower rank, knowing low ranked jutsu.

*The cost for purchasing jutsus for your summon are double the normal amount cost for that rank.
*You must purchase the jutsu for each of your summons, not once for all of them, but each one individually. This includes things like Pack summons, or multiple strung summons.

D-ranked, 6 jutsus up to D. Custom or canon!

C-ranked, 5 jutsus up to C. Same as above.

B-ranked, 3 jutsus up to B-rank or below.

A-ranked, 2 jutsus up to A-rank or below.

S-ranked, 1 jutsu up to S-rank or below.

*Any extra techniques must be bought at the time of creation.

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