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Travel System

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default Travel System

Post by Gabe on Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:12 pm

Traveling Systems

As a Shinobi in a shared and constantly evolving world you will have to travel. Whether it is to visit a kinsmen, trek the lands in search of combat or find your next daily bread: travel is essential and encouraged. The interactivity and adventure that can be drawn from travels will allow characters to expand their comprehension of the Shinobi world and it’s many cultures and divisions.

To accommodate and moderate the role of travel within a characters life, we have constructed a concise system that details the mandates and “how-to” of travelling.  

Traveling Rules:

  • All Shinobi must request official approval from their Kage in order to depart their Village and travel. If Shinobi, including those of a higher rank, leaves their Village without official permission from their Kage they will be classed as a ‘Missing-Nin’ and tracked down and punished at the discretion of their Kage.

  • A Genin or Student must travel with a Shinobi who holds the rank of Chūnin and above. However, a Genin may leave the Village unaccompanied if their Kage provides them with an official approval to travel. If a Genin or Student fails to adhere to these rules and departs their Village unaccompanied or without the approval of their Kage, they will be classed as a ‘Missing-Nin’ and tracked down and punished at the discretion of their Kage.

  • A character may not, under any circumstances, intervene in a another’s travel topic unless one of the following requirements are met:

    • A character has been tracking another before they began travelling
    • A character is in the same area as another

Traveling Post Requirements:

  • When travelling alone, there is a minimum of 600 words describing a character’s travels before a destination is reached.
  • If travelling with multiple characters, each character must post a minimum of 500 words in the overall topic.
  • All travelling topics most be posted in the official travelling board.
  • All travelling topics must be include ‘[traveling]’ in it’s title regardless of if they are closed or open.

Thank you for reading
- NWOD Staff

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