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Chakra System

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default Chakra System

Post by Gabe on Wed Oct 01, 2014 12:57 am

Chakra Systems

Obviously, no shinobi, no matter how powerful, has unlimited amounts of chakra. Therefore, to manage a character's chakra capacity and usage, we have created our own easy Chakra System. All the necessary information on the subject can be found below.

Each rank has their own base chakra stats. These stats may be increased or decreased dependent on the shinobi's attributes and abilities.

Base Chakras
D Rank: 250
C Rank: 350
B Rank: 400
A Rank 450
S Rank: 550
SS Rank: 800

Each base stat starts off full upon entering a topic, unless there is some sort of chakra drainage affect in play or special circumstance that leaves you depleted. Now, using these chakra stats during battle, you can calculate how much chakra the technique you used has consumed, and how much you have left. Jutsus and chakra consumption are based off of the following ranks.

Chakra Jutsu Ranks
E Rank: 20
D Rank: 35
C Rank: 50
B Rank: 100
A Rank: 150
S Rank: 200
SS Rank: 280+

Chakra Depletion and Exhaustion

As a battle goes on, it may become lengthy and many jutsus could be used. This will result in a symptom that is defined as "Exhaustion Rate." Every shinobi has an exhaustion rate stat. Below you can find the list of them.

Exhaustion Rates:
D Rank: 100 CP or below
C Rank: 105 CP or below
B Rank: 110 CP or below
A Rank: 115 CP or below
S Rank: 120 CP or below
SS rank: 140 CP or below

When a shinobi has used up enough chakra to reach their Exhaustion Rate, they will earn the affliction: Exhausted.

Exhuasted wrote:A state of extreme physical or mental fatigue, achieved when over exerting one's physical or mental limits. The action or state of using something up or of being used up completely. This can result in nausea, headaches, and fatigue. When you are exhausted your character will lose half of their capability physically...meaning running, dodging, reaction time, strength. If you further push yourself and use 50% of your reaming chakra while exhausted you'll physically only be capable of 1/4 you'd normally be.

If a character reaches 10 on their CP scale, it results in immediate unconsciousness.

Chakra Recovery

Chakra Recovery is a useful technique that, if utilized correctly in battle, can swing the tide of battles and help shinobi bounce back from exhaustion. Be careful to use it correctly. Read more about the rules below.

The Chakra Recovery rate differentiates per shinobi rank.

Chakra Recovery Rate (per post):
D Rank: 15 CP
C Rank: 20 CP
B Rank: 25 CP
A Rank: 30 CP
S Rank: 35 CP
SS Rank: 80 CP

To successfully recover chakra points, a shinobi must first do the following:
-The character must stop using any active techniques in the topic (i.e. Shadow Clone Jutsu, any barriers, Sharingan, etc.).
-The character must be immobilized. They may not be leaping and flying and jumping and doing all the like while recovering chakra.
-When making a chakra recover post, the post must have stated at or near the bottom that it is a chakra recovery post.

Example wrote:Character fled to a nearby gathering of trees to recover some chakra. It was irritating enough that he had used up so much chakra in battle, but now he must actually retreat to gain more. He sighed as he sat down and focused on rebuilding his strength. Being only a genin, his chakra control wasn't very precise and he wouldn't be able to recover too much chakra at once, but he already begun to feel a certain type of energy wash over him as he sat and he forced himself to forget about his worries.

CP Recovery: 15
Current CP: [45/200]

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