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Wake History (Site Event)

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default Wake History (Site Event)

Post by Gabe on Wed Oct 01, 2014 4:28 am

Its been hundreds of years since the last great shinobi war and when it ended a series of events occurred afterwards. This series of events that took place were charged forward by a ninja named Naruto...with his every last effort and breath he brought peace to the world and the 5 villages became close. They stopped seeing each other as enemies and now as allies. A new era of peace rose from the ashes, years began to pass. While these years passed wounds healed between villages and they become ever closer and with Naruto still leading what now would call a union of the 5 villages the world began to change and weapons began to become replaced with handshakes and smiles. Eventually age caught up with the old NInja, he breathed his last breath and when his death announced the world took it as a major blow. But the ties he setup would stay unbroken. More years of peace passed and the whole continent became in what people are calling the great years of peace. No longer were ANBU and armies around many things became abandoned, little to no shinobi are around they have become a dieing breed and peace and free movement with the villages is common, in the current era ideas of nationalism are dead and the populous see other villages as friends not foes.  A certain event would change this annually villages would come and meet up and discuss things among the fireworks of a festival. During this traditions started by Naruto they would come to terms with many things and try to help the health of all villages and also deal with the criminals of the land. But this festival could be the last of its kind. Sometime during the night during the night it was discovered that all the kages from the 5 great shinobi country and the leaders of the minor villages were all dead...poisoned. In a era with no war, no strife, no fighting, killing the Kages would be simple...the villages had been so accepting and trusting that thoughts of death and war had eluded them and now that caused the Kages of the great villages to perish. Now for the first time what soldiers could be mustered charged to the borders and stood at a standstill waiting for the new Kage to takeover and handle the recently occurred situation. This news of the death at the festival which is held in Konoha would now be reaching the furthest ends of the world. This era of hundreds of years of peace could be shattered by a silent assassin! So I ask you will you take advantage and bring great strength to your nation or will you stand up for truth and justice?  And I ask you newly appointed Kages, will you arm your nation and go back to old ways of the Shinobi? Will you break the many Unions that have been setup? WIll you no longer allow free transit? Will you close yourself off? Many options are on the table and it is up to you to take your village into this ending Era of peace.

(All those applying for Kage will be just moved into the position and will need to post a reaction to this news, this topic must be open.)

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