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Post by Daichi on Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:36 am

| Chat Rules |

So we understand that many of us enjoy talking and enjoying the fun of the chatbox. We understand that it's the best way to communicate to others. However, even though it's a free place to chill and hang out, you may want to limit yourself.

Text Colour/Size - Text colour may be used at anytime, however you need to use the right colour. Please refrain from any colours that are lighter than the chatbox backgrounds. This is for your own good and others, so you/others can be able to read things clearly. If someone asks you to tone it down a bit so it can be visible, please listen to them. Now, regarding font size, do not use anything over the size of 13 and under the size of 10.

Spam - This is an official rule all in general, please do not spam. This means no spamming letters, words, emoticons or links in the chat. It get's annoying, sometimes causes chatbox lag, and it's against the rules.

Links - We are not saying no links are tolerated, they just need to be appropriate. Links should not lead to sexual content, or overly violent content. Punishments will be given out if this rule is not followed.

Guest, if you catch someone not abiding by these rules in the chat box, please PM any staff member with evidence, and the situation will be dealt with.

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