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Lutea: An Original Fantasy-With-Amulets Roleplay!

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default Lutea: An Original Fantasy-With-Amulets Roleplay!

Post by Otto_guest on Thu Oct 09, 2014 3:43 am

Open World Fantasy • Player-driven • Unique Classes & Races • No Stats

An old enemy once more rears its ugly head.

In 1652, the leader of the Talismans was beheaded and their reign of terror came to an end.
Nearly four centuries later, it seems as though they have returned to wreak havoc over
the kingdom of Lutea.

No one can be certain of who is friend or foe.

Yet one thing is known: dark times lie ahead. Scour dungeons, dodge booby-traps
and dragons, and face legions of the undead all in search of the ancient secrets it will take to
weather the coming storm.

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