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We All Have Our Roles To Play Now [open, reaction to kages deaths]

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default We All Have Our Roles To Play Now [open, reaction to kages deaths]

Post by Monte Carlo on Sat Oct 11, 2014 6:05 am

"So what do you say?" The thick mustache man, with broad shoulders and a strong jaw seated directly before her was the head of the council for the village. Around him, four others sat diligently, awaiting her answer. From where she stood she could see out the large window overlooking the village. Standing before them she felt like she was being scrutinized still even though they had just told her that she was selected as the best candidate for Raikage. There wasn't much to dislike about her thought, dressed in the form fitting business suit. She didn't sit even after they had offered. She never felt comfortable sitting when she was working, neither did she feel right unless she had her signature sunglasses resting at her nose.

The news of the former Raikage's death had gotten to her late. With all work and no play, she didn't even bother attending the festival held. Well that and the fact that she believed that if you got too comfortable, you'll eventually be bested when you are not at your best. Maybe if one of the kages then had thought about that, all of them wouldn't have been poisoned so easily. She had only heard the news just yesterday though. She remembered being annoyed that the man who was protect them had lost so easily. Along with the news was a a request for her current meeting with the council. They had informed her that they needed a newly appointed kage to put things at ease as quickly as possible. She was the best candidate because of her past record as a kunoichi and the fact that her contributions to the village and charities would make her a favorite even if there was to be a election.

Still, that all just sounded insensitive to her time as far as she saw it. The village had it's leader and it has it's business owners. When both became the same, the other would suffer. So yes, Atei had practically done more for the village financially than the past kage ever could, but she was not "that" type of leader. The type of leader who could persuade the masses, who could tend to every little complaint of the villagers in ways other than money. And worst yet, she has been out of commission as a kunoichi for more than twelve years. She has had more of a workout signing checks and pay checks than actually going to a gym in those last twelve years.

"I'm sorry. I can't," she said, sighing deeply.

"I feared you would deny the position," the man said, sighing deeply himself. "But understand, there is simply no one more suited than you. In turn, we understand your concerns and we've worked out a way to get around them."

Atei folded her arms over her chest, waiting.

"First, you won't have to make much public appearances; secondly, all day to day paperwork will be done by your staff; thirdly you'll only have to attend the very important meetings." The others nodded sagely and Atei considered.

"The work is not the biggest problem to me," she gave a long sigh, pausing briefly. "The village needs someone strong as their leader. I haven't been in a actual fight in twelve years."

"Being kage is not about strength. What we need is not someone with power and might, but someone with leadership ability. You may think you lack charisma, but the villagers very much look up to you—"

"They look up to my money," she inserted curtly. "They are thankful to me for supporting charities and giving money to them to use for betterment. If I didn't give money they wouldn't care a rats ass. And you are aware the last kage was poisoned. Poisoned. The village needs someone who they know won't fall so easily."

"Yes, but if this has shown us anything is that even the strongest can be bested, especially when they let their guard down. You are not a woman to let your guard down... we know this."

Atei fixed her weight onto her right leg and ran a hand through her hair. "I'll get back to you later with my final decision; I'm afraid it's my time off," she simply said spinning on her heel. She needed some fresh air and to clear her head if she was going to even bother making a decision on the matter. She had walked faster than she intented through the corridors of the tower and out onto the streets of Kumogakure, quickly working her way across a bridge towards... wherever.

She needed a smoke, some alcohol, some sex, a nice long spring bath or just someone to console her.
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