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Inactivity/Posting Rules

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default Inactivity/Posting Rules

Post by Daichi on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:20 pm

Inactivity/Posting Rules

Sometimes people will not be able to post, or go inactive for a bit, and that's fine. For example, if they give a reason (hint: posting in the absence section),  unless it's totally unexpected. People do not like to be patient and wait a week to post, sometimes not even a few days. So, this system/rules will help assist situations given like this.

If you know you will be absent, notify your posting partners (via PMs), and make a topic in the Introductions & Farewells area. This will notify all the members, which will be a plus. Everyone will be aware, so that we know you haven't gone inactive!

If you become absent because of something totally uncalled for (ie. family/friend deaths, no internet all of a sudden, broken computer) try to inform your group ASAP. Whether it be going on a phone, tablet, or even just borrowing your friend's internet by going to their house, it will be worth the time. It doesn't mean the day after you have to update us, but try your best to get your situation through so everyone understands.

If a person has actually gone inactive without any notice within a weeks time span, or when activity checks are held, and you haven't posted by the final date, you will be archived. You will lose you rank, and group colour. Most of the time, contacting a staff member to return all your stuff back may be sufficient enough to fill your needs.


  • If a user hasn't posted within 48-72 hours (2-3 days,) they can be skipped.
  • If a user hasn't posted at all within 96-120 hours (4-5 days,) they can be completely kicked out of a topic if decided by the active posters.
  • If a post is counted as invaluable, and not acceptable, staff has the right to check it over. If not legitimate, your post may be completely voided.
  • If a thread is found unacceptable, the entire thread may be voided.


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