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Social and Event Topics (Topic Contest)

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default Social and Event Topics (Topic Contest)

Post by Gabe on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:26 pm

Since most event topics or required topics are up. I'd like to see more social topics being roleplayed.
For the next three weeks along with the ad contest we will be seeing who can roleplay the most.

Post a list in the discussion box entitled Topics for (Character Name)

So you will be award cash for every topic you finish (Must be at least 5 post per person to count)

Social Topics give you 50,000 Ryo per one
Event Topics give you 30,000 Ryo per one
Team (Squad) Topics give you 90,000 Ryo per one

At the end of the contest whoever has the most topics completed will win a grand prize. This prize can be a rank up or restricted jutsus or even a Bijuu

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