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Nocturne and Shadows, Original Supernatrual RPG, {Jcink}

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default Nocturne and Shadows, Original Supernatrual RPG, {Jcink}

Post by Zoey-NaS on Sat Oct 18, 2014 5:11 pm


The roaring twenties was when the world was changed forever. Along with art, culture and music, came the realization that humans were not alone, and the demon wars began. Humans found aid in the form of species they thought were only fairy tales. It has been eighty-six years since the demon wars ended. The world is full of magic, monsters, myths, divines, deamons, and things no one has ever heard of. Creatures of myth and nightmares walk among us as friends, neighbors, coworkers, and enemies.

Nocturnes and Shadows is an original urban fantasy roleplay set in the fictional town of Jezebel Heights, Alabama.  A small town that played a big part in history. You must be at least eighteen to join. We welcome you to a world of magic and mystery, where anything can happen, and the unexpected is the norm.

Welcome to Jezebel Heights.


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