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ILLUMINATED // shadow pokemon & modern kingdoms au

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default ILLUMINATED // shadow pokemon & modern kingdoms au

Post by Chibi on Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:18 am

One continent, three kingdoms, three very different ways of living. Alola remains on neutral grounds as they watch the conflict between Lumina and Zeta spark over and over again. Zeta has spurred the age of Shadow Pokemon with their creation of Shadow Stones. Lumina does their best to combat it, to heal the Shadow Pokemon, with the Illumination Stones. The legendary Pokemon are split on all sides, some light, some dark, some refusing to get involved. Rumors of Zeta holding Arceus in their grasp float between people, even though it's a solidified fact. A dark fate will befall the region, taking every living soul, light and dark, with it. Will you play the game?

No word count, free form app, six species, playable Legendarys, and talking Pokemon!


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