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Administrative Duties [Open]

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default Administrative Duties [Open]

Post by Hakai on Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:40 am

Hakai was bored out of her mind as she stared at the ceiling of her new office, counting the various cracks or dents that littered the walls as she laid upon the soft gray carpet. Sannin office, that’s what they had called this place, though prison would be a better word. It took her away from her lab and her various experiments all so that she could fulfill the desires of a brother she had started to loathe. His holier-than-thou speech that he had given her when he had visited on abode hadn’t helped the image she was constructed of her brother, and she was confident that it wasn’t the only speech of its kind that she would have the displeasure of hearing. She knew that so long as she worked beside her brother, and her brother had gotten a bizarre idea stuck in his head. He had announced such an idea the day he had went to her lab, which she should think about moving or getting a back up one, and had uttered before leaving. It would had been words that would had sent her into another fit of giggles, but the boy only had half her attention as soon as she had approached her whiteboard.

Events that had happened just the other day, though she felt like it had been weeks ago. Either way, she emerged from her lab for something other than supplies, and the villagers seemed to know that. Having discarded her white lab coat, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to conduct any experiments for the entire day, she had donned a khaki jacket. Upon entering the building where she now worked, she had been ushered into this sparsely furnished office. Papers were stacked upon her desk, awaiting for her to look over them and end the neglect. And she had been working on the stack since this morning, having managed to get them done despite being mind numbly bored with the work, and when twelve o’clock rolled around, she had decided that she would take a break. Which was how she ended up splayed out on the floor counting the various cracks and dents in the wall in a futile attempt to entertain herself.

She should probably head out for lunch like a normal person, but she had a feeling that if she returned to her lab now, that she wouldn’t want to leave it later which would call for another friendly visit from her brother. And on this particular day, Hakai didn’t feel like receiving yet another holier-than-thou speech, so she remained on the floor. Besides, she really wasn’t hungry anyways, having become accustomed to eating one meal a day and sometimes going three days without food due to being caught up in an interesting experiment. So she wasn’t hungry, yet she was very bored. “Ninety-seven.” Hakai mumbled, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

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default Re: Administrative Duties [Open]

Post by Daichi on Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:01 pm

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I was wandering upon the streets of the village. It was my only break, the one that I could take advantage of considering the amount of paperwork that actually goes into being a Hokage. Contracts, agreements and also keeping the village intact was already one hell of a job, I hope that I do not get more work to do. My break was about over, and it was time to head back to the office. I took steps forward, leading myself towards the Administrative Building. While walking, I noticed my sister, Hakai, actually doing her work in the office that was assigned to her. Surprisingly enough she attended, though right now would be her lunch break, just as I ended mine.

"I see you're here," I said when I entered the room, closing the door quietly behind me.

I walked over to her, hands in my pockets. She was laying on the floor, counting the amount of holes and dents embedded into the building's wall. I sighed, looking down at her, "Having fun on your break?"

I walked around, looking at the work she had already completed by the time she was trying to entertain her own self on the floor during a lunch break. I stood still, staring at the few papers she had already checked over, and reviewed. Papers sprawled across her desk, I carefully examined them to know that she was actually completing the work correctly. Though, given the benefit on the doubt, I could tell she would be able to do her work without any further concerns. She was a smart person, even though I didn't exactly approve all of her motives.

"Oh, I forgot to say that I apologize for interrupting you the other day. In fact, I didn't mean to threaten to change you. I was just-- well... Got caught up in the moment," While I still had the chance, I continued to speak, "and you probably are irritated by me already, but you get the point. Keep up the work though."


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