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Post by RS Admin on Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:44 pm

Around 300 years ago Ireland changed in a way that most hadn't believed possible. The country; back then, had consisted mostly of tribes scattered across the country side, and a handful of English strongholds. But a prophecy was passed; supposedly from the old gods themselves, that would become her own country. News of this prophecy spread through the tribes like wild fire. Soon the peoples of Ireland had gathered in a way they never had before. Tribes that had been at war for multiple generations were making treaties, and for once Ireland had a common goal to strive for.

It took several years; and much fighting, but finally Ireland stood proud as her own country. Yet the former chiefs could not decide on a single ruler. This is how Ireland came to be divided into four kingdoms. A treaty of peace was signed by each monarch of the four kingdoms, and for the last few centuries Ireland has enjoyed relative peace among her kingdoms. And yet scandals surround the royal and noble families of the different Irish kingdoms. Scandals such as affairs, bastard children, murder plots, and the list goes on.

Welcome to Royal Scandal. Most of the plots on this site are character driven; though you will find the occasional site-wide event. For information on the latest; or next, one please refer to the "events" box on the second banner tab.

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