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Post by Daichi on Wed Jan 22, 2014 6:47 pm

Here at NWOD, we strive to make the best content, RP experience, and creativity. Thus, coding, graphics, villages, templates and all sorts of things are custom made to make this site stand out more and be more successful! However, the downside is that people will tend to take things that aren't theirs (plagiarism) and claim it as their own. At Naruto: Wake of Devastation, we highly encourage to keep everything to yourselves, and not to claim other things as your own. So, this message is to say that:
- Do not take our pictures and modify it to say it's your own.
- Do not take our custom templates and whatnot.
- Do not take our custom villages. (Including, description and pictures.)
- Do not take our RPers content in what they make and say it's yours.
- Do not copy our rules and such word for word, and claim it's yours.

Of course, you may gain inspiration from our forum, and can implement those inspirations and ideas at your own will. But you agree that you won't steal and claim things that are not yours. This is a rule you MUST learn and follow as it is common sense.

ALL RIGHTS TO NARUTO IS TO MASASHI KISHIMOTO. We own nothing from him, nor do we make money off of it.

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