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Killing and Death System

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default Killing and Death System

Post by Daichi on Fri Mar 07, 2014 7:56 pm

When your death is nearing, unless you can legitimately avoid it, without breaking any rules, you cannot stop it. So basically, if you are dead, you are dead. However, a staff member must review the death thread/posts to make sure it's a valid death. If it's not valid, the RP will stop, and the character will not be dead, however they will suffer injuries at the least.
• Death cannot be avoided, you die, you die.
• If burned with anything lower than B-Rank techniques, there is at the least 3 posts until death. If anything higher than B-Rank, it will only take 1-2 posts until death.
• Electrocution by anything under A rank will result in paralyzation, before death. This should take a minimum of 4 posts.
• Electrocution by a S-Rank technique will result in a 1 post paralyzation, then death.
• Before knowing your dead, contact a staff member to review if it is a legit death.

We do not want people recklessly killing others for no reason, thus this system exists to reinforce these rules.
• Killing is only allowed if the thread allows it. If you're not sure because it doesn't state, ask the topic starter. The topic starter cannot change their mind after the topic has gone into depth.
• If you do not want any killing (as the topic starter), on the thread name please state "[No Killing]"
• If you have killed someone, remember, you can loot their body(ies) if they're actually dead. This means that the staff member has looked over to see if it was a good enough death. *STAFF DOES NOT NEED TO GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO LOOT THE BODY, AS LONG AS THEY KNOW THE PERSON HAS DIED, AND THE DEATH WAS LEGIT, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH THE LOOT* However, taking what they have has to be on their Character Sheets. If they didn't carry it, you cannot take it.
• Most of the time, killing may occur outside the village. If you randomly leave the village without permission, it will not count as any deaths/kills.

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