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Top Ninja of the Month

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default Top Ninja of the Month

Post by Daichi on Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:34 pm


What is Top Ninja of the Month?
Top Ninja of the Month or TNM is a ongoing event, for each month of the year. It is like a poll, however staff members will choose the "top member" each month, based on activity, your attitude, the way you help the forum and much more! TNM will be chosen by the end of each month, and then updated within the first week of the new month.

How do I become the TN (Top Ninja)?
To become the Top Ninja of the Month, you must show your best behavior, stay active, help the forum or members, respect everyone and have fun. When implying "stay active" we expect you to RP as much as possible, and try your best regardless of what you're doing! It won't be an easy task to earn this name, however if you try your hardest, you have a slight chance of being chosen.

When is the person chosen?
After debating within the staff team, within the last week of the month, we will choose the newest nominee for the next month. So let's say it's the last week of January, and Ryu won for January, however it's time for a new person to take the spot in February! Us as a staff will decide someone, for example: Tom. Tom will be updated to the list within the first week of February, being the Top Ninja of February. If you're still confused, don't worry. All you need to do is check the list each month.

Where do I check to see the TNM?
We will create a widget that will be updated within the first week of each new month. If you want to see past winners, you can find the list (in Plot and Events category) to view it.

What if you're the winner?
If you become the winner for the month, the Administrator (Motocop) will message you via PMs to notify your success. He will most likely message you to congratulate you, and ask you for an anime character of your choice to be placed for the winning picture on the TNM widget.

Are there any prizes if you win?
Yes! There indeed is prizes if you become the Top Ninja for the month! The prizes will include 2,000 Ryo and a free B-Rank Technique of your choice! It's like a discount token... except free. However, even though you win the token you will still need to train for it, you just don't have to pay 1,100 Ryo for it!

That's it folks, if you have any questions, be sure to ask Daichi, the Founder of NWOD. If you're wondering when TNM will start, it will start once the forum gets more active and popular. A announcement will be made once TNM officially launches!


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